OJS Services

Open Journal Systems, or OJS, is used to organise and publish scientific publications. This is a free and open-source software platform used to manage and publish scientific publications online. We cover everything from building a journal website to operational activities including author submission, peer review, editing, publication, archiving, and indexing.


Article Submission:

Article submission in research is a critical step in the research process since it allows researchers to share their discoveries with the larger scientific community.


Peer Review:

Peer review is essential to researchers since it allows them to receive feedback from experts in their field. This advice can assist researchers in optimizing their research and improving the overall quality of their work.


Copy Editing:

Copyediting is the process of evaluating and editing a document to ensure that it is grammatically error-free and written clearly, concisely, and consistently.



Publishing a research article is an important component of academic life. It is a method of communicating research findings to a larger audience as well as having the work examined and accepted by peers.



When the submission and review process for a manuscript is complete, the status "archived" appears. Because your article was already approved and the conclusion was notified to you.



We offer a wide choice of journals in the following indexing services, but not limited to Scopus, Web of Science (SCI), PubMed, ABDC, UGC (for India only), EMBASE, and DOAJ.